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Our Cake Pops are POPPING with fun, both in the making and when being eaten!! So we thought we ought to share the magic with you all and keep you posted on what's happening in our kitchen..

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Boobie cake for big mama 3

Skylander Giants

 Got ask to make these for my friends grandson ...... had no idea what they were or what they looked like. They were very hard to work out nasty little things to make ! But here they are. Hope l don't asked again for them !

Ballet Cakes

Christmas Cupcakes Cuties

 Big Mama's Cupcakes

Christmas is coming the pops are getting fat !

Its that time of year again where does the time go. Its been a busy one for the cakepopologists in the cakepop factory but we've had loads of fun ! Lots of new ideas for 2013 in the planning stage........... can't wait ! Here's some of christmas cakepops going to london !