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Our Cake Pops are POPPING with fun, both in the making and when being eaten!! So we thought we ought to share the magic with you all and keep you posted on what's happening in our kitchen..

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year !

Happy new year to all our pop eaters hope everyone has a good 2012. Thanks to all those that have supported us through our first year. Look out for our new creations in 2012 cakepopologists have come up with some great new designs and ideas  . . . . .. look forward to getting the factory open again !

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas cake pops

Some of the Christmas cakepops for the little mamas on  christmas day.

Christmas cupcakes

These are some the cupcakes we did for christmas orders......cool !

Bouquet flower cakes

This our sunflower bouquet popular for mums birthdays.

                                The rose bouquets can be made in smaller versions and put in baskets.

Birthday cakes

Here are some of our birthday cakes we have done lately

Monday, 19 December 2011

Factory in overdrive !!

Today been  working over time to get ready for Christmas ...... making all the cake decorations for Christmas cupcakes .  Designed some choir boy cake pops they look great really pleased with what has been achieved in the cake pop factory . Little mama has been making American sugar cookies to hang on her tree worked hard. Getting through cakepop orders too Got to make a mushi monster birthday cake tomorrow ready for Xmas eve . Then start on the cupcakes for my me and my friends. Not sure if l will have time to blog again before Christmas as need to shut down factory and let cakepopologists have time off  but they will be back in the new year with more designs . So to all the big mama followers have a great Christmas and new year be lucky in 2012 .............Don't eat to many cakes  !!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Diddy Christmas chocolates !

The cakepopologists had a break from designing cakepops and were making diddy chocolates with the little mama today for her friends for Christmas started out just a few ..........ended up 35 bags ! ! They look good pigs ,little kittys , dinosaurs ,Xmas trees and snowman etc . These are also what we can put on our cakepops and cupcakes . There were chocolates every where in the factory  ! All gift wrapped and delivered to school today. Had a a rush birthday cake for my niece to do looked good made it look like a giant present ........... should hope she likes it she should as its her favourite Belgium chocolate ! Yummy ! ! ! ......and fattening !

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

60th pops

Did some 60th cakepops today in the cakepop factory for a friends birthday. They look good enough to eat ..........Oh yeah they will be eaten ! Lots of blue ! Strawberry and champagne flavour ........Lots of champagne! Great feed back on Christmas pops seemed to be going down well . Working on Christmas cupcakes this week and Patrick from spongebob for a cake coming up. So much to do so little time.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Santas here ! !

Santa's here along with some other Christmas pop been working hard in the factory  this week ........... and they look  great ! Norman the snowman , Rodney the robin , Elmo the elf, Florence the Christmas fairy , Rudolf the reindeer and a Christmas tree all now up and available for stocking fillers . Orders coming in its finding the time with the birthday cakes as well........ but the cakepopologists will cope as they always do.  So bring on Christmas  !      l love it !!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Big mamas cakes go down a treat !

Well the baileys definateley worked in jens cake it went down great everyone loved it . Jen is a big mama helper when we get busy ...... and we love her except she eats more than she sells ! ! But we wouldn't be without her . Thanks for all your help. Hello kitty cake looks great and we finished the 40th today hope they are pleased with it we are. Back in the factory tomorrow working on christmas cakepop designs for stocking fillers . Busy day !

Friday, 18 November 2011

Birthday Cakes Gone Mad !

Not sure whats going on next week but loads of birthday cakes to make a 40th, Scooby doo , Hello kitty with cupcakes and pops to go with them and surprise cake for twins which the cakepopoligists are working on a a design in the factory. So busy week !  I think the scooby doo cake will have some baileys in to give it a a kick. Got a big mama rep in L.A getting some more supplies  for the factory ready for the christmas designs. Orders now coming in . Off to far east in january hope to get some different cake decorations over there as they have some brilliant ones. Anyway got to go pops to make !

Children in need

Made loads of children inn need cupcakes,cakepops and pudsey cookies and a stunning cupcake bouquet for big mama 2 to take to work and hopefully to raise some money for a great cause. Cant wait to hear how she did

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Scary halloween !

All good for halloween cakepops made spiders and webs, ghosts. jacko lanterns and frankensteins looked good. ( Didnt last very long !) Getting the cakepopoligists to start designing the christmas selection . Still trouble with camera going to have invest in a new one so you can see the designs but some of our customers have taken some pictures for us to put on blog spot........Well done ! Seem to be making a lot of birthday cakes to go with cakepops. Got a tinkerbell birthday cake to make next week and going to try and make fairy cakepops to go with them . Thinking of coming up with a package to include a birthday cake and cakepops special price .Will talk to big mama 2. Just been in talks with monorex an london art company to see if we could make cakepops for  a launch party ........ssh! secret project ! They want about 1000 or more pops could be intresting in talks with them  about design........ that will be challenging  may have to bring in the big mamas help team .

Monday, 10 October 2011

Big mama 1 is back in town ! !

Hi had a great time in the states came home with lots of cake goodies ! Did'nt see many cakepops out there .But saw some lovely cupcakes. Got some great halloween  decorations for pops and cakes so will start designing in the factory this week  when sorted.. Big mama 2 did really well and for filled all the orders  made some amazing mr a men cakepops for a party hopefully she took some pictures to put on blog.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Cakes galore !

Sorry theres been no blog update for a while computer up the spout ! Anyway its all go in the cakepop factory  ...........liverpool ...christening and wedding cakes and 18th birthday cakepops . But everything going well. Had delivery of more suppies from the states cant wait to use them . Going to get the cakepopologists to start working on our halloween collection soon after a well deserved holiday ...... But dont worry big mama 2 will be in charge off the factory while l am away .

Monday, 22 August 2011

Festival maddness!

Well what a week ! The cakepop factory was full with cupcakes , push up pops and cakepops they were every where ........but we meet our targets. Big mama 2 with the help of the big mama helpers did a brill job selling and promoting at the local garlic festival. Still lots of people don't know what cakepops are but were impressed with them and the cupcake bouquets. So well done to the big mama team, not that many left afterwards and the orders are flowing in . Thought l would have a break this week from cooking cakes ......but no. Back in the factory today for filling orders taken at weekend. No rest for the wicked ! Got to design some little mermaid theme cakepops next week not done these before should be interesting.

Friday, 12 August 2011

monorex party order

Well did the monorex art design company cakepops today .....well my 50 big mama 2 on other half.  Monorex requested bright purple sponge inside some of them looks cool.  Will be off to london monday with the purple push up pops. Hope they enjoy them Happy 7th Birthday monorex!  My little mini mama [ my niece ] has been busy in the cakeppop factory this week making sugar cookies and whoopee pies, owl cupcakes and chocolate rose cup cakes  has taken them home today enough got feed an army ! Her cake decorating is getting better and better...........The big mamas better watch out !

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cakepop factory full

All the supplies are in ready for the Garlic Festival... The factory is full to the brim. Been experimenting with sponge flavours again this week for cupcakes, all tastes good . My niece made some cakepops this week for her brothers and sister..... For her first time she did really well - she's only 11yrs . She wants to be a Big mama when she grows up! The way she is going with her cake decorating she could well be....Well done!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Wedding maddness!!


It has been a very hectic time. I have been making cake pops, cupcake bouquets and wedding favours for a wedding in London. I hope everyone had a great day. Best wishes to the new couple.

Please have a look at the photos. The couple choose a gorgeous deep purple colour with contrasting cream.  There were a selection of table displays and then individual favour boxes.....an extra special one for the bride ( have a look at the teddy photo) ahh....

Sadly my camera does not replicate the colour very well. These were all made in a deep purple similar to Cadburys chocolate wrapping.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

what's on

Well, had a few orders this week and some wedding samples made by big mama 2, they looked really nice and have been sent to london. Now we have lots to do this week, getting ready for the local Garlic Festival. Need to make all the fondant wings, noses etc to go on the cakepops. We are making 500+ as well as fancy cupcakes and 'push up pops'!! Its going to be all go.. Making sure all our supplies are up together for it. We are also making 100 cakepops for the 7th Monorex party in london the same week... They have asked for bright puple sponge inside, which should look fantastic!

As for our new website and 'popshop', the development is looking great, a very bright, fun candyshop feel, it will be up and running soon so look out of for when we go live - You will be able to browse and order any of our cakepops, push-up pops and fancy cupcakes online, easily ask us questions about any of our products and even subscribe to our newsletter, with offers, news, and pics of our latest creations!

Exciting times!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cupcake bouquets !........What next!

Worked hard in pop factory today and made some cupcake bouquets which look fab! Just like a real bouquet of Roses but with cupcakes! Delivered some samples to the grandmamas (our mums), they liked them. They will be great for Weddings, Aniversaries, Birthdays and Mothers Day. I am going to make some different flowers and then get big mama 2 to design some cakepop flower bouquets (she's really good at these). Next on the agenda is Whoopie Pies can't wait to get started. Have to wait to next week when orders are finished. Also made some Thomas the Tank Engine cakepop samples for an upcoming kids party. Very pleased with them too! The big mama cakepopoligists have never been so busy!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Another new pop joins big mamas !!

 I am pleased to announce the arrival of the marshmallow pop! Its a cakepop covered in marshmallow coating and sprinkles its taste really nice and different.  Another new craze from america. They love their marshmallows . Going to try when in the cakepop factory to add some flavours to marshmallow. Let you know how l get on!

push up pops hit the spot

Well delivered push up pops to hanwell and clapton in london and andover as l was in  london for weekend anyway ..........they loved them.  Little ones started eating them as soon as they were delivered. All in all a great response. Rainbow coloured ones looked really cool .

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rainbow Pops

One of our latest creations from this morning, Rainbow Pops. They're so colourful when you bite into them, great for the little ones! We're going to make some with electric colour centers next, which will look stunning! Also we have been making  bright coloured 'Push-up Pops'.. will post some pics soon! Oh well coffee break over back to the pop factory!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Some recent pics of our POPS!!

Push up pops have arrived !

Is it a cake? ......... Is it a pop?....... No its a push up pop! They are the latest craze in America and we are now making them in the cakepop factory. They taste great can be made in many colors and flavours. Supplies arrived today and as soon as they were through the door the cakepopolgists were at work. Got samples out to the Mama's taste testers (the little people) so far they seem to be going down a treat! I Will take some pictures of them tomorrow and post them on the blog asap. Can't wait to try some different ones out ...... lots of work tomorrow. Stay tuned! Big Mama 1...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

50th Birthday Party - Alco Cakepops!

Well, I had a great 50th party, the venue was perfect, on the beaches of the Isle of wight with great weather and the alcoholic cakepops were a great success.. made 140 of them alltogether, with various flavours, baileys seemed to be the favourite followed by champagne and strawberry . All the cup cakes went, some people took a few home and we have had alot of positive comments.. Most people had never heard of 'cakepops' but really enjoyed eating them.

Looking forward to getting back in the pop factory next week to make more and try different flavours. Also made Scooby Doo cup cakes and cakepops for my nephews 5th birthday, which is on monday. We have had a new request to make a football team of cakepops, they were challenging but came out looking really good, client very pleased with them. All in all a very busy week and now I'm looking forward to having a break at the weekend.... but not for long - new orders coming in. Got a new cake pop coming soon, so watch this space!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The big 50

 Well its coming up to that time my birthday the big 50 ! So this week making and designing cakepops for party. The alcoholic cakepops will be making their first appearance champagne and strawberry , rum and blackcurrant , irish whisky cream an tia maria and coffee will be good to get feed back off over 100 guests . If I get time will make disaronno ones as well  . Got lots of cupcakes to do for party and scoobydoo cake for nephews birthday plus little cakes and pops for him ..............not enough time in the day.!  My neighbour has been reading blog said she loves it hi sarah ! You can now leave comments on blog would love to hear some . will post photos of party cakepops next week. wish me luck.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Fantastic Feedback from the Birthday Girl!!

"Big Mama's Cake Pops were AMAZING! Great details on them and most importantley the kids loved them - they were devoured in seconds!. Nice to be able to find something a bit different for a party bag. All the party parents commented on them, most were upset they didn't get to try one!. All in all a fab product and I will definatley be back for more... Thanks, Mrs K Bamford. Xxx"

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Busy week!

Really busy week for us at Big Mama's, we had our photo shoot of cakepops for the website, made lot's of cakepops for birthday parties, and also some cakepop samples for a local fair......... Haven't stopped cakepopping!!! Great response from the fair, and we had some orders placed! Looking forward to doing more. Well done Big mama 2! More cakepops made today including tia maria sponge, which turned out good. Another one to add to the speciality section. I'm going to work on rum sponge this week... =]

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cartoon Favourites!

Today at Big Mama's, we created Scooby Doo Cake Pops, as well as Bart and Homer Simpson. Will be Working on Marge tomorrow =]  Let us know what you think when the pictures are posted.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Meet Our Snorkel Squad! Malone & Nasher the Shark..

The Snorkle Squad

Malone & Nasher

POW!! Watch out for our super hero cake pops!!

Still a few tweaks to be made, but almost ready to take on the world..!!

New Flavoured Pops for the over 18 s

Exciting day in the pop factory today. We now have an adult range to offer, including Irish Cream Liquor and Strawberry & Champagne flavour sponges for pops. We're also working on Tia Maria and Rum flavours. All of them taste rather nice =] - Initial feed back has been very positive!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Designs

Wow what a busy weekend.!!  I have been working a three tier wedding cake by making all the flowers for decoration. There are lots of pretty roses, Lilly of valley,blossoms and leaves. The cakes have been made and I will be decorating them tomorrow and plan to start putting the flowers in posies next weekend.

Big Mama 1 sounds like she is having fun.....an left me to do all the hard work ! We have a show in Friday evening and I am making lots of samples and having fun setting up displays. The first stand fell apart and I spoilt a few cakepops. Not a good start but best to find out the pitfalls at home rather than on the night.  Little Em is having a birthday party on Saturday, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed that this wet weather has disappeared and she can enjoy her pretty cake pops at her Bar-b-Que in the garden.

Have a look at these pretty new designs.

Meet Princess Grace!!

Here's our first attempt at Princess Grace for the girls' pops...

Princess Grace