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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cupcake bouquets !........What next!

Worked hard in pop factory today and made some cupcake bouquets which look fab! Just like a real bouquet of Roses but with cupcakes! Delivered some samples to the grandmamas (our mums), they liked them. They will be great for Weddings, Aniversaries, Birthdays and Mothers Day. I am going to make some different flowers and then get big mama 2 to design some cakepop flower bouquets (she's really good at these). Next on the agenda is Whoopie Pies can't wait to get started. Have to wait to next week when orders are finished. Also made some Thomas the Tank Engine cakepop samples for an upcoming kids party. Very pleased with them too! The big mama cakepopoligists have never been so busy!

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