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Thursday, 7 July 2011

50th Birthday Party - Alco Cakepops!

Well, I had a great 50th party, the venue was perfect, on the beaches of the Isle of wight with great weather and the alcoholic cakepops were a great success.. made 140 of them alltogether, with various flavours, baileys seemed to be the favourite followed by champagne and strawberry . All the cup cakes went, some people took a few home and we have had alot of positive comments.. Most people had never heard of 'cakepops' but really enjoyed eating them.

Looking forward to getting back in the pop factory next week to make more and try different flavours. Also made Scooby Doo cup cakes and cakepops for my nephews 5th birthday, which is on monday. We have had a new request to make a football team of cakepops, they were challenging but came out looking really good, client very pleased with them. All in all a very busy week and now I'm looking forward to having a break at the weekend.... but not for long - new orders coming in. Got a new cake pop coming soon, so watch this space!

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