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Sunday, 31 July 2011

what's on

Well, had a few orders this week and some wedding samples made by big mama 2, they looked really nice and have been sent to london. Now we have lots to do this week, getting ready for the local Garlic Festival. Need to make all the fondant wings, noses etc to go on the cakepops. We are making 500+ as well as fancy cupcakes and 'push up pops'!! Its going to be all go.. Making sure all our supplies are up together for it. We are also making 100 cakepops for the 7th Monorex party in london the same week... They have asked for bright puple sponge inside, which should look fantastic!

As for our new website and 'popshop', the development is looking great, a very bright, fun candyshop feel, it will be up and running soon so look out of for when we go live - You will be able to browse and order any of our cakepops, push-up pops and fancy cupcakes online, easily ask us questions about any of our products and even subscribe to our newsletter, with offers, news, and pics of our latest creations!

Exciting times!

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