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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Scary halloween !

All good for halloween cakepops made spiders and webs, ghosts. jacko lanterns and frankensteins looked good. ( Didnt last very long !) Getting the cakepopoligists to start designing the christmas selection . Still trouble with camera going to have invest in a new one so you can see the designs but some of our customers have taken some pictures for us to put on blog spot........Well done ! Seem to be making a lot of birthday cakes to go with cakepops. Got a tinkerbell birthday cake to make next week and going to try and make fairy cakepops to go with them . Thinking of coming up with a package to include a birthday cake and cakepops special price .Will talk to big mama 2. Just been in talks with monorex an london art company to see if we could make cakepops for  a launch party ........ssh! secret project ! They want about 1000 or more pops could be intresting in talks with them  about design........ that will be challenging  may have to bring in the big mamas help team .

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