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Our Cake Pops are POPPING with fun, both in the making and when being eaten!! So we thought we ought to share the magic with you all and keep you posted on what's happening in our kitchen..

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Big Mama 2 reporting in.....

Finally managed to get the hang of the new phone but still can't work the camera !! Pictures will follow soon.

New designs born in the Big Mama kitchens today..... Wedding flowers, christening boys & girls and lots of sprinkles and swirls. I didn't realise the blighters were so lively and could fly so far.

Big Mama 1 cracked the whip this week.Finished 16 cakepops for dispatch to Surrey tomorrow and another 12 to do for Wednesday, plus lots of ideas and new designs.

We are off to see Pirates of the Caribbean on Tuesday so watch out for the new pirates appearing soon.

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